I am a self-professed skeptic and former Atheist turned Christian. As an Atheist I was attending church services only to support my wife, believing much of what I heard was simply a made-up story. However, I came to realize my belief was apathetic, based only on anecdotal evidence and opinions. So, I began a journey, “A Skeptics Journey”, to investigate the evidence for myself. I discovered there was substantial evidence for both God and Christianity.   Click here to learn more about my journey.

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Part 1 of 2
The Case for God

I used to be an Atheist but became a Christian after examining the evidence. In this talk I present the Case for God by sharing the evidence that compelled me to change my mind.  (40:00 mins)

Part 2 of 2
The Case for Christianity

In this talk I present the Case for Jesus and the evidence that led me to cross the chasm between God, the multitude of religions and Christianity.  (40:00 mins)

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