"Now more than ever, the Church needs to know WHY it believes WHAT it believes. Rick can help your group master the evidence for God and Christianity."

J. Warner Wallace

"If you’re looking for some guidance as it relates to navigating issues of doubt that you may struggle with regarding Christianity, then I’d like to recommend Rick Allan’s ministry as one who understands what it’s like to have been all too knowingly once a skeptic himself.  His ministry is designed to equip skeptics to overcome the skepticism he too once experienced as a non-believer, as well as equipping believers with evidence that supports their faith."

Bobby Conway 

"I strongly want to encourage you to invite Rick Allan to your event. If you want an honest-hearted delivery that identifies how a person goes from a skeptic to a fully devoted follower of Jesus along with amazing content that engages and educates then you want, “A Skeptics Journey” at your event!"

Pastor Kenny White 

"Rick covered a great deal of evidence on the topics of God and Christianity and people stayed engaged from beginning to end. I would highly recommend this presentation to any church seeking to help people work through their spiritual questions and doubts."

Jon Tolly

"Rick’s presentations to my youth group mixed great credible information with engaging video skills. He was so transparent about his journey to faith that my students and leaders felt completely at ease to ask him their hard questions."

Dr. Mark Gold

"Rick provided a comprehensive training session, making a convincing case that data from science and history best fit together under one picture of reality: the Christian worldview."

Jeremy Linn

"We have had Rick 3 different times at Legacy and we have seen our congregation learn important information to strengthen their faith. We enjoy having Rick with us so much, that we are planning on having him back every year"

Dre' Draughon

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