My name is Rick Allan and I am a self-professed skeptic and former Atheist turned Christian. As an Atheist I was attending church services only to support my wife, believing much of what I heard was simply a made-up story. However, I came to realize my belief was apathetic, based only on anecdotal evidence and opinions. So, I began a journey, “A Skeptics Journey”, to investigate the evidence for myself.

I began with the simple question “does God exist?”. After all, if God doesn’t exist there is no point looking at specific religions like Christianity. The evidence I found, including recent scientific discoveries, pointed strongly to a creator, which one could call “God”.

After concluding it was a reasonable conclusion that a God exists, my investigative journey turned to the truthfulness of Christianity and other major religions. The evidence I found for Christianity convinced me it was a truthful story and many of the arguments I had against the bible were in fact arguments for its truthfulness. The other major religions did not fare as well when I looked closely at their history, leaders, writings and teachings.

I have a particular passion for sharing at churches to reach what I term “church attendees”. I was that “church attendee”, attending church services only to support my wife, but profoundly skeptical of religion. I believed Christianity was simply a man-made story, a legendary tale. The church services I attended did not provide an evidentiary case which might persuade me otherwise. After I challenged myself and sought the truth, I discovered there was substantial evidence for both God and Christianity.

I am certain there are others like me in church services. These church attendees may not be aware such evidence exists or could simply be apathetic about their worldview. Part of my ministry calling is to reach these church attendees. 

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