I enjoy sharing my journey with groups in a variety of settings and venues. My journey has proven valuable to both skeptics as well as Christians. The skeptic will hear evidence that may prompt them to take a harder look at God and Christianity. The Christian will see evidence that supports their faith.

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Presentation Content

All presentations are visually rich with embedded video clips and a touch of humor.  
Talks begin and end with a testimonial on my journey and include some or all the content below. 
Event length is customizable from 30 minutes up to 4 hours.
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Evidence For God


Design in Life

There is a blueprint in life called the DNA molecule. This, along with molecular machines, exhibit evidence of a designer.


Design in the World

Recent scientific discoveries have exposed evidence of design throughout the universe. 



Morality, near death experiences, our senses, and consciousness are evidence of things beyond nature and materials. 


Something is Wrong

Evil and suffering is an obvious reality of our world. Often cited as evidence against God. I'll explain why I believe it's the opposite. 

Evidence for Christianity


Radical Change

The world changed in the most radical way starting ~2000 years ago. We'll explore this change and why I consider it radical.



The who, what, where, when, and why for the radical change comes to us from multiple historical sources. 



When I came to realize the Gospels were eyewitness accounts, it was a game changer. We'll put their testimony to the test. 



I concluded that at least one miracle has occurred. If one is possible, the resurrection is possible. 



Christianity is unique and rises above the other religions. 

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